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Across Continents & 40 Years After 

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. (IMI), as an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturing company. Now one of the leading global manufacturing and technology solutions experts providing thousands of people careers in manufacturing, IMI continues to strengthen its legacy of growth and innovation.

With almost four decades of operations in 22 manufacturing solutions locations, IMI, the core manufacturing business of AC Industrials Technology Holdings, Inc. (AC Industrials, Inc.) remains bent on pursuing more value for its stakeholders-- strengthening and expanding its capabilities, test systems, test developments in automation, robotics, customized process flows, and further enhancing the company’s ability to support the different regions with different capabilities.


IMI Serbia was inaugurated on September, at the City of Niš, Republic of Serbia.The 14,000-m2 production facility allows the company to expand its global footprint and support the growing market for automotive components in the European region.

Our Story 2017 photo - IMI

Acquisition of Surface Technology International, UK, a specialist contract electronics manufacturer, serving world-class customers in high-reliability industries.

Our Story 2016 photo - IMI

Acquisition of a 76% stake in Via Optronics, Inc., a leading optical bonding and display solutions provider.

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IMI is publicly listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

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Acquisition of EPIQ NV facilities in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Mexico, making IMI a truly global company.

IMI began its transformation as a global manufacturing solutions provider.

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·        Establishment of an additional plan in Chengdu, China

·        Establishment of IMI Energy Solutions in Fremont, California, USA

·        Acquired 56% share of Psi Technologies, Inc., putting IMI at the forefront of the growing convergence of power semiconductor assembly and test services (SATS)

·        Listing by Way of Introduction in the Philippine Stock Exchange

Our Story 2009 photo - IMI

Forged a strategic partnership with Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC)

Our Story 2006 photo - IMI

·        Establishment of additional plants in China (Chongqing and Fuyong)

·        Acquisition of M. Hansson Consulting, Inc., an engineering-oriented test systems integrator based in the Philippines

Our Story 2005 photo - IMI

·        Acquisition of assets of Saturn Electronics Engineering USA

·        Acquisition of Speedy-Tech Electronics, Ltd.

Our Story 1999 photo - IMI

IMI evolved into a complete EMS company.

Our Story 1998 photo - IMI

·        EAI ventured into turnkey contract manufacturing services.

·        EAZIX was established, a joint venture between IMI and SIIX Japan to offer design and engineering services.

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IMI acquired MITECH Corporation to further establish research and development.

Our Story 1988 photo - IMI

Electronics Assemblies, Inc. (EAI) was established as a subsidiary to engage in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly.

Our Story 1982 photo - IMI

IMI went into contract manufacturing of hard disk drive assembly and printed circuit board assembly and subsequently, also into research and development.

Our Story 1980 photo - IMI

It all began as a joint venture between Ayala Corporation and Resins, Inc., an integrated circuit assembler with a hundred employees.

For us at IMI, the future begins now. We simply forge ahead."

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Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc., also known as IMI, is one of the leading global providers of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and power semiconductor assembly and test services (SATS) in the world.