May 21, 2021

Six Apps to Get Organized ASAP

Make technology work for you with these organizational apps.

Juggling both your personal and professional responsibilities--especially amid a pandemic--can be overwhelming. Stay focused and productive with these organizational apps.

Organize your to-do lists: Todoist

With its clean and easy-to-navigate interface, Todoist is a popular option for making, organizing, and completing to-do lists for the different aspects of your life. 

Assign categories, priority levels, and due dates for everything from household chores to urgent work responsibilities. You can search through your tasks using filter options or browsing labels.

The app has a “Projects” section for organizing tasks and delegating them to a team or household member. Todoist also lets you set productivity goals and track your progress.


Organize your projects: Trello

Trello is a visually appealing and customizable digital bulletin board for project management and collaboration. A Trello board lets you organize information and tasks and track your progress. You can create several lists on one board, and these can be categories or workflow steps. You can then add cards to each list and include important information related to each task, such as file attachments, due dates, checklists, the assigned team member, and comments. 


Organize your notes: Evernote

This cloud-based note-taking app lets you choose from various templates for work, school, and life. You can then add images, audio, scans, and scanned documents to your notes, which you can share with your team members. With its web clipper function, you can save website screenshots and save them directly to your account. Powerful search options--by tag, attachment, PDF, URL, and more--help you find the note you need faster.

New Evernote

Organize your physical documents: Stack

With Stack, you can scan receipts, bills, and other documents into your phone. The app will automatically crop the document, name it for you, and suggest the right category or “stack” to store it in. It also identifies important details in your document and uses that for document searches. Stack backs up all your documents to the cloud, and you have the option to save a copy to Google Drive.

Stack is currently only available in the United States on Android. Here’s hoping that changes soon!

Organize with Stack

Organize articles you want to read later: Pocket

The World Wide Web has more informative and fascinating articles than there are minutes in a day. With this read-it-later app, you don’t have to worry about missing out. Pocket lets you save articles, videos, and images in an organized way, so they’re ready to view when you are. The app saves the articles in a clean, easy-to-view layout that you can customize with color schemes and font choices. It also has a listening feature, turning any content into a podcast--perfect for multitaskers who want to learn while they cook, work out, or commute. Your curated content is kept in sync across all your devices and available offline, so you can read--or listen--any time.

Welcome to Pocket

Organize your travel: TripIt

Forward any trip-related confirmation email--flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, tours--to a specific email address, and TripIt creates a master itinerary that you can access offline. You can also upload documents such as your boarding pass, digital passport QR codes, photos, and PDFs to your travel plans, so everything you need is in one place. During your trip, you can view your itinerary on an interactive map, get driving directions, and find out the closest restaurants, ATMs, and parking. Upgrade to TripIt Pro and you’ll get real-time flight status alerts, interactive airport and terminal maps, and security wait times.

Instantly Organize Travel Plans with TripIt

Striking the perfect work-life balance for you

This article has focused on helping you become more organized and productive. But, your physical and emotional well-being is just as important--especially as most of us now live where we work and work where we live. Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance at home.

8 Tips for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

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