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We manufacture plastic parts in Asia, Europe and North America, making “box-built” capabilities accessible to our customers.

With our injection machines ranging from 50T to 1600T, we transform engineering and commodity thermoplastics for our customers in the automotive, consumer and industrial markets.

Plastic Manufacturing

Plastic manufacturing is the process of creating and producing plastic, also known as polymer, from organic materials, such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt, and crude oil, by mimicking the properties of natural materials. With plastic molding manufacturing methods, the created polymer can be turned into almost any shape that can be used for creating other objects.

The manufacturing of plastic helps companies, especially those in the construction industry, save on costs, but still build sturdy projects. Of course, plastic manufacturing companies like IMI ensure that the produced polymers are created through precise production and conform to specifications by conducting quality control tests. This also helps us know how to deal with plastic wastes later on.

As a leading outsource manufacturing company, our global plastic manufacturing group at IMI maintains high standards in plastic molding development or manufacturing as well. We integrate parts such as covers, housings and connectors in sub-assemblies, specializing in electronic box-built. We also produce complex parts with 2K capabilities, insert molding or aesthetic requirements. Moreover, low pressure molding and thermoforming are also among our process capabilities.

In collaboration with the Automation and Test & System Development group, we are able to provide solutions that include robotized handlers and testers. We transform engineering and commodity thermoplastics for our customers in the automotive, industrial and consumer markets with our injection machines ranging from 50T to 1600T as well.

IMI has plastic manufacturing factories in our global companies in Asia, Europe, and North America to enable our customers to have easier access to quality plastics wherever they may be.

We direct our passion at solutions, not just at technology per se.

Arthur R. Tan, Vice Chairman and CEO

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