The performance and design of any electronic system are influenced by the characteristics of a reliable power supply. This is why efficiency matters to us.

We constantly monitor overtemperature, output overvoltage and inrush current among others, to ensure that the power supply and its load are damage-free.

IMI Power Module Package

Design and Development Capabilities

  • Platforms
    • IoT System Components
    • Motor Driver (BDC, BLDC, SLBLDC)
    • Driver for Display
    • Camera
    • Cabin Heaters
  • Domains of Expertise
    • Lighting
    • Power Modules
    • HMI
    • Battery Management

Simulation Capabilities

  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Electrical Parasitic Extraction
  • Field Plot Analysis
    • Current Density
    • Joule Heating
  • Thermal Analysis
    • Steady State
    • Transiet (CFD)
  • Mechanical Analysis
  • System Analysis

IMI Power Module Package

IMI Power Module Package

Engineering Validation Capabilities

  • Static tester (curve tracer)
  • Thermal impedance tester
  • Power cycling tester


TSD Capabilities

We offer test solutions for both custom MOSFET modules and industry-standard IGBT power modules.

  • Custom MOSFET power modules
    • Static test
    • Reliability tests
  • IGBT power modules
    • Static test
    • Dynamic tests
    • Isolation test
  • Static Testers
    • EoL tests
    • Engineering development
  • Dynamic Testers – EoL tests

IMI Power Module Package


​​​​​​Prototype Line Capabilities

  • Transfer Molded
  • Plastic case
  • Machine and tooling

Reliability Tests Capabilities

  • Environmental tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Emission and Immunity
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility tests
  • Other reliability tests
  • AEC Stress Test Qualification for power module

IMI Power Module Package