November 6, 2019

Humanity Driving Technology: 40 Years of IMI

The numbers speak for themselves: Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. (IMI) is the 5th largest electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider in the automotive market, ranking 17th* in the 2018 list of Top 50 EMS Providers. In 21 manufacturing plants in 10 countries, with a workforce of more than 17,000 employees and more than 400,000 square meters of production space, IMI provides engineering, manufacturing support and fulfillment capabilities to diverse industries globally.

But behind these numbers, you’ll find our values as a global technology solutions company: integrity, customer focus, concern for others, and excellence.

Beyond these figures lies our vision, shared and upheld by our employees in Asia, the Americas, and Europe: to be the leading innovative partner for customized solutions, delivering the highest quality experience to our customers.

IMI is committed to delivering global manufacturing and technology solutions, including innovative EMS and power semiconductor assembly and test services (SATS), primarily serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for diversified markets such as those in the automotive, industrial, aerospace and other industries.

For almost 40 years, we at IMI have stayed true to our mission of passionately creating a product experience that our partners love. At the heart of these achievements, with every product and component we design and manufacture, our focus is on humanity driving technology. We remain committed to advocating and partnering for technology solutions that truly improve lives.

At IMI, we design and manufacture next-generation automotive camera systems, displays, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) controllers, sensors, steering modules, and telematics. This human-machine interface increases the safety feature for those inside the vehicle, as well as other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

“With the implementation of government-mandated policies to address safety issues, demand for advanced driver-assistance system or ADAS continues to rise with the automotive camera as the central element,” shares Luke Mendoza, Head of Test and Systems Development, Value Engineering, Design & Development at IMI. “Applications include passive and active warning signals, distance pedestrian, and lane detection; collision prevention; and automatic emergency braking.”

“Our camera group focuses on programs involving automotive camera design and manufacturing while zeroing in on a wholistic platform approach at the systems level. We also collaborate with key camera component suppliers, system developers, and distributors to help promote the IMI camera platform,” Mendoza shares.

With the steady increase of electronic components being used in vehicles, the automotive industry has become one of the high-growth markets of EMS companies. In 2018, IMI’s existing ADAS camera production reached more than six million units, exceeding volume and sales targets for the year. Clearly, IMI has the proven technical expertise and competence to deliver quality end-to-end solutions to the global automotive market, with manufacturing lines that are ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified.

“With these developments and opportunities [in ADAS], we continue to deliver new innovations to support the manufacturing of high-performance automotive cameras,” says Gilles Bernard, President and Chief Operating Officer of IMI. “An IMI proprietary tester design for stray light test measurement was introduced last year to screen out glare and are in ADAS cameras. A technical paper on this project won top recognition in the Philippine electronics trade show in 2018.”

With these innovations, IMI is helping to increase the safety of motorists who may have recent driving skills or physical limitations. Through the many technology solutions that IMI offers its clients in the automotive, industrial, aerospace, and other markets, we continue to harness our capabilities in solving many of humanity’s challenges. And in the face of today’s exponential technological changes, in an increasingly interconnected and highly competitive global environment, we will continue to be resilient and reinvent ourselves as a global technology solutions company with a focus on the human component.

“For almost 40 years, the company has developed its competence and value through cutting-edge engineering, design, innovation, and collaboration with partners,” says Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman of IMI. “From being largely product-centric, IMI is now moving towards a technology-solutions approach by addressing efficiency, cost, quality, and productivity, while closely working with customers in research and development.”

“All in all, what has become clear to me is that only organizations with foresight, focus, and passion like ours will prevail over time,” shares Arthur Tan, Chief Executive Officer of IMI. “Our significant achievements through the years enable us to be more involved in the future of manufacturing and technology.”

“From a Philippine-based contract manufacturer 
to a global technology solutions partner with presence in ten countries will move as one—magnifying the quality of our service, enabling our technologies and empowering our innovations,” Tan continues. “And we will do so while we use our know-how in advanced technologies to operate and automate processes through our machines and systems. After all, the faster
the technological revolution reshapes our society, the more we can demonstrate the valuable human skills that cannot be transcended by machines.”


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Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc., also known as IMI, is one of the leading global providers of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and power semiconductor assembly and test services (SATS) in the world.