We take pride in our culture of collective coordinated effort, interdependence and effective collaboration with our customers, suppliers, service providers, and other business partners.

Our Global Supplier Quality Engineering team oversees that the supplier quality management system and processes are of high caliber, ensuring continuous improvement performance by working closely with them in achieving zero defect.


We make sure that purchased products and all materials meet the customer’s needs and expectations—from raw materials used in manufacturing and the component parts used in assembly operations.

The Supplier Development Engineering team enables early integration with key suppliers to guarantee that their processes and outputs meet customer quality requirements and expectations for mass production. 


  • Regular monitoring of the supplier’s quality performance
  • A holistic plan-do-check-and act (PDCA) approach
  • Effective integration of customer specific requirements and alignment with applicable industry standards
  • Supplier quality management and risk analysis
  • Supplier quality engineering system development.
  • Supplier technical trainings, process improvement and other quality programs.

IMI Supplier Quality engineering