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Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI), the manufacturing portfolio of AC Industrials, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ayala Corporation is among the leading global technology solutions company in the world.  IMI ranks 17th in the list of top 50 EMS providers in the world by the Manufacturing Market Insider, based on 2018 revenues. In the automotive market, it is now the 5th largest EMS provider in the world per New Venture Research.  
IMI specializes in highly reliable and quality electronics for long product life cycle segments such as automotive, industrial electronics and the aerospace market.
For the automotive segment, IMI delivers customized solutions for safety and security, which includes automotive cameras, electronic control units (ECUs) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). In the industrial segment, the company manufactures security and access control devices, power modules, and asset tracking systems, among others. For aerospace, IMI, through its subsidiary Surface Technology International (STI) Enterprise, a UK-based company, has been providing various wireless solutions using satellite communications to address the quality and safety demands in the EMS aerospace market including products to a range of helicopters, multiple fast jet platforms, transport aircrafts and drones.
From its manufacturing plants in the Philippines, China, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Serbia, United Kingdom and the United States, IMI provides engineering, manufacturing, and support and fulfillment capabilities to diverse industries globally. For more information, visit

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    We have global facilities for manufacturing solutions as well as engineering and design centers in Asia (China and the Philippines), North America (U.S.A. and Mexico), and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.)

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    We are committed to provide  manufacturing excellence and expertise in design and engineering including advanced manufacturing engineering (AME), new product introduction (NPI), design for manufacturability, and simultaneous engineering.

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    We are capable of low-volume, high-mix (LVHM), and high-volume, low-mix (HVLM) manufacturing, depending on your EMS needs.

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    The IMI group has  the most innovative, competent, and highly-skilled employees to work on all of our partners’ projects.

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IMI’s Board of Directors and committees of the board regularly meet throughout the year to monitor overall corporate performance, ensuring the integrity of IMI’s financial controls and the effectiveness of its policies and various programs

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For us at IMI, the future begins now. We simply forge ahead."

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Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc., also known as IMI, is one of the leading global providers of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and power semiconductor assembly and test services (SATS) in the world.