We enable our partners to better handle and address the increasing volumes of electronic content in the medical industry.

Let us know your requirements. We may be able to fill your needs on a global scale. Contact our manufacturing solutions experts if you wish to know more about our capabilities or get a quote.



    • Design for Manufacturability
    • Flip Chip-On Flex Assembly
    • Low-Volume / High-Mix Manufacturing
    • Materials Qualification
    • Mechanical Enclosure Design
    • Process Design  and Development
    • Product Design Co-development
    • Product Miniaturization
    • Prototyping
    • RoHS Compliant Lines
    • Simultaneous Engineering
    • Test Systems Development
    • Functional/FA and Reliability Testing
    • Power Supply Design
    • Reject Profile Analysis (RPA)
    • Repair Services
    • Rigid Printed Circuit Board Assembly



    IMI markets Medical

      • Flat Panel Imaging Equipment
      • Auto Body Contouring Imaging Equipment
      • Dental Imaging System
      • Defibrillator Component Device
      • Concealed Hearing Aid
      • Biomedical and Laboratory Equipment
      • Centrifuge Control Board
      • Fitness Equipment Control Board
      • Non-invasive Ventilation Device
      • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)