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Expertise and Experience ExemplifiedExpertise and Experience. Exemplified.


These are challenging times; but IMI remains undaunted. Bullish.

Since our establishment in 1980, we have always adhered to two principles: to operate and deliver with the highest level of commitment and service to our customers and to ensure that we have the right people, skillsets and technologies that will enable us to withstand any form of challenges or setbacks that may come.

With the right strategies in place along with our experience, expertise, technological flexibility and global footprint, we continue to seize opportunities despite the headwinds that may affect our industry.




The leading INNOVATIVE partner for CUSTOMIZED solutions. Our PEOPLE deliver the highest quality experience


Passionately create a unique product realization experience that our partners love

Core values Integrity
Customer Focus
Customer Focus
Core Values
Core values Concern for Others
Concern for Others
Core Values Excellence

Why partner with us

We have GLOBAL FACILITIES for manufacturing solutions as well as engineering and design centers in Asia (the Philippines and China), North America (U.S.A. and Mexico), and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Serbia.)

We are COMMITTED to provide manufacturing excellence and expertise in design and engineering including advanced manufacturing engineering (AME), new product introduction (NPI), design for manufacturability, and simultaneous engineering.

We are CAPABLE of low-volume, high-mix (LVHM), and high-volume, low-mix (HVLM) manufacturing, depending on your EMS needs.

Our PEOPLE are our greatest assets-- innovative, competent, highly-skilled and highly motivated.




For us at IMI, the future begins now. We simply forge ahead.

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