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An autonomous car, also known as self-driving car or driverless car, is capable of navigating by itself without needing much human input. To achieve this, factors of camera technology such as frame rate, field of view, and megapixels made excellent with reliable camera vision technology services are needed to help the vehicle identify potential hazards and obstacles on the road as well as know how to avoid them.

Global manufacturing company IMI, through its subsidiary, Via Optronics, is one powerhouse for camera and vision technology services, making cars future ready with autonomous driving. They are focused on developing vision-based products to support the various Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) application requirement.

Equipped with ten years of camera and extreme vision technology development experience, the company  develops platform designs that can be customized to reduce total development time. They continue to develop new platform variants to keep up with the demand for high resolution cameras as well.

    Engineering Camera Front View - Camera Vision Technology - IMI

    Major features:

    • Compact - objective is to produce a 20mm x 20mm cross section which would be the smallest in the industry
    • Easily customizable - customer can choose from a menu of image sensors, output interfaces, and optics which IMI would be able to develop in a very short time
    • Excellent thermal management - the reliability and performance of the camera is highly dependent on the ability of its mechanical construction to dissipate the heat generated by the image sensor
    • Robust –able to withstand extreme environmental conditions
    • Cost effective – could be manufactured inexpensively

    The camera and vision technology capabilities of the company , along with the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering group and Test & System Development group, makes IMI a one-stop shop solution for camera design and technology, prototype development, and mass production requirements of major Tier 1 players in the global automotive market.

    We direct our passion at solutions, not just at technology per se."

    Arthur R. Tan, Vice Chairman and CEO

    21 manufacturing plants in a10 countries - Infographics - IMI



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