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We guarantee customized test solutions of high quality and reliability in your products.

With us, TEST is your competitive advantage.

We continue to expand the development and application of fully automated test systems. In many of our production facilities, robotic automation processes are implemented in various test platforms while sharing common software and hardware architectures.

Our global Test and Systems Development operations in all ten countries where IMI is present continue to design and develop testers for automotive and industrial applications

Collaboration among our various TSD teams from different regions ensures continuous innovations in complex tester projects.

  • Design for Testability
    • Parallel test solutions
    • Test coverage analysis & improvement
  • Rapid turnkey hardware design and fabrication
  • Flexible test platforms for product ECNs
    • SW revisions
    • Hardware field upgrades
  • Test process and hardware documentation
  • Training and 24x7 manufacturing

We have five TSD Centers of Competence with more than 70 engineers serving IMI’s global factory network.

We continue to innovate for sustainability, constantly rolling out customized test solutions for the EMS and automotive industry.


For automotive products, 100% test coverage is required as well as functionality in harsh environmental conditions—low and high temperatures, pressure, humidity, vibration, etc. Critical requirements include:

  • 100% test coverage as well as functionality in harsh environmental conditions (i.e. low and high temperatures, pressure, humidity, vibration, etc.)
  • Full Test Coverage
  • Measurement Accuracy and Gauge Repeatability
  • Product Data Traceability
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Parallel testing may be designed upfront for products running at very high volumes and complex tests to enable quick support for sudden business growth requirements.

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  • Our engineers carefully design the electro-mechanical systems during testing and back-end finish processes, improving quality by eliminating errors incurred in manual operations and increasing overall throughput.
  • Recent test solutions developed:
    • Integrated Rotor Position Sensor Tester
    • Laser Marking and Unit-Sorting System using 6 Axis Robotic-arm
    • Manipulator High Capability Run-in Tester capable of testing over 100 PCBs of different types
    • High KVA IGBT Power Module Tester for static and dynamic characteristics measurements
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Our unique five-stage Tester Development Process involves a rigorous set of *gate check points* that help ensure compliance to quality standards and customer requirements.

We direct our passion at solutions, not just at technology per se."

Arthur R. Tan, President and CEO



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Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc., also known as IMI, is one of the leading global providers of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and power semiconductor assembly and test services (SATS) in the world.