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Here at IMI, we have been managing our business not only for profit but also keeping in mind the impact— ours and our business’—on society as a whole. Our commitment to embark on sustainability programs that continuously create shared value, such as going beyond the usual corporate social responsibility projects, remains. We always make sure we marry profit with purpose. To do so, we focus on both economic and social benefits that create value for the communities and other IMI stakeholders. 

We have a good number of shared value initiatives, making sure that our business remains innovative, at scale, and profitable while at the same time addressing a social or environmental issue. These include safety electronics in cars, automotive camera, and airbag control to help prevent road accidents, pollution reduction systems to help care for our environment, theft prevention systems for homes and buildings, and medical diagnostic devices.

Our business is anchored on good governance while ensuring transparency and compliance with existing national, international, and environmental laws. We thrive in our culturally diverse workforce of approximately 14,000 around the globe (with 5,000 Filipinos), while trying to instill our corporate core values of integrity, customer focus, concern for others, and excellence across all sites via our strong values integration program.

Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

IMI’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy deliberately strives to improve aspects of social conditions not just in the communities around us but in other parts of the country as well where our assistance will be needed.

The company has stepped up its CSR through its Environment, Health, and Safety Program and green manufacturing technologies.

Our business is anchored on good governance while ensuring transparency and compliance with existing national and international laws."

Gilles Bernard, President

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